The Worst Gamblers of All Time

You may have felt bad for losing your bet in online casinos or in Las Vegas when playing real casino games for real money. You may even have lost most of your savings in a single sitting in a Bovada casino. But beholding the huge losses of the other gamblers in the real world would definitely heal your mental wounds. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the 2 worst gamblers of all time.

Harry Kakavas: If you have billions of dollars to splurge and very little patience, you can take a few tips from Harry Kakavas. This guy reportedly lost over 1.5 billion dollars in a span of 14 months. His family and friends claim that he has a gambling addiction. Understandably so when he didn’t think twice before spending a fortune in gambling.

Would you believe me if I told you that Harry lost 164 million dollars in just under 6 hours? His lawyer claims that casinos tend to reap profits out of his gambling addiction by rigging their machines. He states that Harry is so deep in debts at the moment due to the casinos themselves, and not because of his addiction. Kakavas had even sued several casinos, but the verdict always went against him.

Bad Beat Gambling

Terrance Watanabe: Harry Kakavas is not the only filthy rich guy in the world with a gambling problem. There’s Terrance Watanabe to boot. While he may not be as rich as the top worst gambler on our list, he definitely deserves a second place. Terrance mostly inherited his fortune from his father and ran the company post the latter’s death. But he ate more than he could chew when on a trip to Las Vegas.

He reportedly spent ungodly hours at Las Vegas casinos, spending more than 5 million dollars each day. After blowing all the money that he had on him, he further took credit from the one casino he frequented worth 14 million dollars. Later, he refused to pay it back, claiming that the employees urged him to play more by infusing him with drugs of some kind, but the dispute was settled outside court. Terrance admitted that he had squandered more than 127 million dollars during his stay in Vegas.

Stay tuned for our second part on the worst gamblers this world has ever witnessed.