When it comes to betting on sports in Canada there are several ways in which to do it. Many online sports bettors started as teenagers going to their local convenience store and playing Sports Action, now many of these online sports betting players in Canada have moved up to betting online at Canadian online sportsbooks. Betting online is much quicker and more convenient which is welcome for any online sports bettor. When you play Sports Action at the local corner store you typically have to wager on a few different outcomes, also known as a parlay, just to bet. With Canada Sports Betting at our recommended online sportsbooks, you can bet on one single event for as little as $1 and that is all.

The review team at Casino Guide Canada seeks out the best online sportsbooks in Canada with the best possible odds and the biggest potential payouts. We also make sure that registration is a simple process for bettors, the deposit and withdrawal methods are safe and secure, and most of all they guarantee a fun experience. 

Our goal is as straightforward as possible: finding the best odds on Canada’s favorite sports. When you want to place bets on hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, racing, or any other competitive sport, you have to know you’re using the best online sportsbooks accepting Canadian bettors. 


Bodog offers a fantastic online sportsbook for Canada that ensures a flawless mobile betting experience. Their multitude of betting lines ensures a variety of unique options for Canadian bettors looking to make real money on their favorite sports teams. 



Sports Interaction is one of the most famous online sportsbooks for Canadians because of its long history of excellent gambling options for live sports. Bettors can play the odds year-round and feel confident knowing they can make money and enjoy the process. 



BetOnline provides huge welcome bonuses for players and allows access to both Canadian and American markets through their mobile and desktop platforms. Many bettors love BetOnline because they accept the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. 



Betway is an online sportsbook that always looks to innovate in the industry. Recently, they’ve even added competitive eSports betting to ensure their players have access to this ever-evolving and growing market through their mobile betting platform. 



Betway is an online sportsbook that always looks to innovate in the industry. Recently, they’ve even added competitive eSports betting to ensure their players have access to this ever-evolving and growing market through their mobile betting platform. 


The above Canada online sportsbooks are the best online sports betting sites for Canadian players. Whether you enjoy betting on NFL games, NHL games, or the 2023 Super Bowl betting, the above Canada online sportsbooks will take your action and provide you with the best sports betting Canada experience online. The Bodog Canada Sportsbook is currently offer new sports betting players an instant 10% signup bonus, the Sports Interaction Sportsbook is giving new players from Canada a $125 sports betting bonus, and the William Hill Sportsbook is our #3 ranked sports betting Canada site with a decent bonus of their own. Whether you are betting small limits, or betting the farm, when it comes to sports betting Canada you will not find a better playing experience than at the above top Canadian sports betting sites. If you have any questions about free NFL betting picks or predictions, feel free to contact us at anytime and we will share our free NFL betting picks and predictions for the top Canada sports betting sites for 2023!

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

The question we get asked a lot is, “Is online sports betting in Canada legal?” Well, that is a very tough question to answer because it depends on who you ask. Do any of us know anyone who has been convicted of a crime betting on sports while living in Canada, no. Are there public service announcments telling Canadians not to bet on sports online or off, no. Does the Canadian government accept sports bets from Canadian residents over the age of 18, yes. Taking the above into consideration my personal belief is that online sports betting in Canada is all good. To learn more about online sports betting Canada legal check out our complete sports wagering guide for Canadian sports bettors.

If you have no moral convictions against gambling online then we can help you. If, on the other hand you think online sports betting or playing casino games online is a crime, then your best bet is to leave this site and throw your computer out the window. Okay, maybe not throw your computer out the window, but we do feel bad for you. For those of you who enjoy betting on sports online then check out our recommended online sports betting sites for Canadian players. Betting on sports is fun and can help you make a little money if you bet smart. Take a look at our Canadian online sports betting sites for review and get ready to start placing your winning bets today!

If you are looking for the best online sports betting sites to bet on NFL games or any other sporting events this year then check out our list of the top online sportsbooks for players from Canada. Canadian bettors will now rejoice with the Sports Interaction Sportsbook and the Bodog Canada Sportsbook for Internet sports betting at the best betting sites for players in Canada. Regardless of which sports you like to bet on our recommended Canadian online sports betting sites keep it safe and fun. The last thing you want is to hit a 12 team parlay only to be betting with a sportsbook that is going to take forever to pay you if they even pay you at all. That is why we like the Bodog Canada and Sports Interaction sports wagering sites that have put Canada online sportsbooks on the map for Canadian bettors and keeping it legal at the same time. If you have yet to see what the fuss is about, then check out the Bodog Canada or Sports Interaction sports betting sites for Canadian bettors today and get to winning your NFL bets now.

How to Bet Money Online in Canada

When it comes to Sports Betting Canada many Canadians are none too familiar with how to bet on sports online, or how to place wagers online at Canada online sportsbooks. Let’s be honest, when you ask a fellow Canadian about betting, their first thought is of playing blackjack at a land based casino, not online sports betting with any of the below Canadian online sportsbooks. For those bettors from Canada whom do place bets on sports, they are likely to have placed their bets with Sports Action or other government ran lottery betting programs found at convenience stores. Unfortunately with government ran sports betting options it is extremely difficult to win as parlays are mandatory. Unlike with online sportsbooks, with government sports betting programs you have to make wager selections on at least two or more games. With the below Canadian online sportsbooks you can bet for as little as $1 on a single game. For example, if you want to place $1 on the Toronto Maple Leafs to win tonight, you can do that online, but with the government sports betting programs they make you bet a minimum of $20 and select multiple outcomes. This is to say that if you pick 5 out of 6 games correct, you won’t get paid anything with Canadian government sports betting programs, but online where you can bet on each game seperately, you would have won 5 of your betting picks. Either way you slice it, when it comes to Sports Betting Canada the best sports betting is online!


When you want to place a bet on popular sports teams in Canada, you can’t always make it to the casino sportsbook. Plus, with ongoing public health issues, you might be better off staying home anyway! That’s what makes online sportsbooks so popular – their convenience, simplicity, and the same promise of excellent payouts and rewards if you’re a smart bettor. 

Many online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses, profile-based point systems, and even free bets that can still pay off in big ways. Bettors are constantly given incentives to continue using the sportsbooks services – after all, Canadians have a host of other physical locations to choose from. That’s why online sportsbooks go above and beyond to ensure your experience is the best it can be, all from the comfort of your own home. 


The best online sportsbooks in Canada that offer the best payouts are also the most secure and simple to navigate. However, it’s important to read reviews and make sure that any sportsbook you choose to spend your real money in is as legitimate as possible. There exist plenty of online betting sites for sports teams that may disappoint you or even fool you into losing your money. 

Residents of Canada should always do their due diligence and become members of online sportsbooks recommended by the experts. At Casino Guide Canada, we perform thorough research to make sure anywhere you gamble your money online is safe, secure, and licensed. Read through our reviews and see how we’ve ranked online sportsbooks based on key factors like mobile optimization, secure payment systems, ease-of-access, betting option variety, multiple sports available, and more. 

Tips for Gambling at Canadian Betting Sites

If you love sports betting, then you should seriously consider doing it through online sports betting sites. These sites offer a number of benefits that you would not find in a land-based sports-booking service. The most obvious benefit of online sports betting sites is their convenience. You can just sit at home, check out all the statistics and other information you need, and place your bet without even moving from your chair. However, choosing online sports betting sites could be a little tricky. Here are some tips that can help you zero in on the best sports betting website for Canadian players:

  • The first thing you have to do is to check if the website is legal. Illegal websites may work for some time, but they are eventually caught. When that day arrives, you would either lose your bets you bought on the site or get into trouble with the law. Good thing for us that all of the above Canadian online sportsbooks are approved legal sportsbooks!
  • You should also check if the website is credible. Find out what others are saying about the website by visiting an online forum. Do not rely on testimonials. Instead, spend a few minutes to search for some honest reviews.
  • If you love placing bets on several games, look for websites that offer a wide selection. If you love just one game, then choose a website that specializes in that one.

There is a lot of fun in store for you if you play through the right Canada online sports betting sites, so choose wisely.


Years ago, bettors could only choose between spread, money line, and total odds. These days, online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of options on each sport, team, and the games they play. Whether you are betting on the NHL Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, or another major competition, odds are added on a daily basis to live betting boards. That way, you can engage in a number of bets every day and stand to make a vast amount of money with the right picks. It’s never been a better time to place bets at online sportsbooks in Canada. 


We look forward to a brilliant future of fully legal online gambling with incredible flexibility of choices for bettors. However, the Canadian legislature has been slow to move forward with changes in the laws that govern online gambling, in particular when it comes to online sports betting. 

As of now, bettors in Canada must place their bets on two or more games rather than on single games. This is called a parlay, and in order to win, you must pick the winners correctly and in order. As a result, payoffs are often lower – however, new legislation is moving forward rapidly to legalize single-event sports betting in Canada. Recently, Bill C-218 has moved to the committee for deliberation in Canada’s House of Commons to provide full legalization of sports betting across the country. 


Online sportsbook fans in Canada have enjoyed a huge range of options for sports betting in the years leading up to 2021. But every year, the number of options increases and sports fans become more and more active in online gambling communities. As the industry has grown, bettors have been able to place their bets on a wide range of the most popular sports, including:

  • NHL Hockey Betting
  • NBA Basketball Betting
  • UFC Betting
  • Horse Racing Betting
  • NFL Football Betting
  • CFL Football Betting
  • MLS Soccer Betting
  • College Football Betting

Plus, the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices has not gone unnoticed by Canadian sportsbook operators. Now, many Canadian bettors have switched completely to placing bets on their mobile phones. This allows bettors to engage in online sports betting on the go, with all the same options they have on their computers at home. At Casino Guide Canada, we’re ready to keep you up-to-date on the future of the Canadian online sportsbook industry. 

History of Canadian Online Sports Betting

If you have any Canadian blood in you, then it’s in you to wager. Since the beginning of Canada wagering on sports has been dated back to some of the first racetracks in Eastern Canada. Eventually as other sports rose in popularity, wagering on them also because a part of the norm for Canadian players. Some of the earliest wagering on horses was done by affluent Canadian males in the 30’s. From speakeasies at night to wagering on boxing during the day, this grew quickly as a popular pastime for Canadians. Although originally women and the middle class were not even allowed to attend these sport events, eventually the stigma of wagering vanished and all adults alike were allowed to wager on boxing and horse racing. Nowadays any Canadian with $5 and over the age of 18 can place wagers. Not only can bettors bet in Government legalized land-base casinos, Canadians can also wager over the Internet. Wagering on sports in Canada is one of our nation’s most popular pastimes after watching sports. It was just a matter of time when our passion of playing and watching sports also opened up into betting on them. Let us not forget that it was a Canadian, James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball. A game and wagering event enjoyed by bettors all around the world as was evident in last year’s NBA finals.

When it comes to wagering on betting events for Canadians there are many different options to choose from. Whether you are looking to wager on parlays, or single wagers, the wagering possibilities are endless just as there are online sports betting sites in Canada to play at. Many people write to us asking if online sports betting in Canada is legal. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. I can show you two very similar sites (Play Now and Bodog Canada), which offer wagering lines to players from Canada. One has 1 year experience, whereas the other has close to 20 years. Once has a customer service team that makes you wait 45 minutes to an hour to get through to a live speaking customer service agent, and the other one has a policy of answering all telephone calls before the second ring and replying to all e-mails within 15 minutes. One of the above mentioned Internet sports wagering sites has been hacked into numerous times in their first year of existence whereby leaving many accounts jeopardized and the other site has never missed a payout or lost/stole any player data in their 20 years of accepting bets. One of these sites is government owned, and the other one is Bodog. Now the choice is up to you, which online sports wagering site accepting players from Canada would you rather trust with your wagers and winnings?

If you’re like me you never really got into wagering on sports with a bookie or in a casino, until it became available over the Internet. With stories of broken legs and loan sharks, going through a bookie or a pit boss to place a $5 wager to win $10 never really seemed worth it. Then boom! The Internet came and changed my life and the way I relax in a whole new way that I never thought possible. I went from watching and wagering for bragging rights on NFL and NBA games to making money. This is not one of those Canadian bettor stories where I am going to claim that paid off my mansion and got a Ferrari from my sports wagers, but I’d be lying to you if I said that sports betting didn’t help pay my mortgage and car payments. Now I don’t suggest using Internet sports wagering to pay for your tuition, or child’s tuition, but if you start of wagering on sports for just pure fun, there is a very good chance that you might earn yourself a few bucks that may help on a rainy day. If you are going to bet on sports then there are a few key points to keep in mind. Keep online sports betting Canada fun and make some money while you’re at it. Never bet with your heart, just with your head. Stay away from placing bets that include your home team. Never celebrate a winning wager until the game is officially over. I also suggest you never share your picks or which side you have money riding on until the game is over because you don’t want your friends to jinx your bets. Last but definitely not least, only place your wagers with a online sportsbook that can be trusted. For Canadian bettors that is easy, stick with either the Sports Interaction Canada sports wagering site or the Bodog Canada Internet betting sportsbook and you will never have a complaint. Refer a friend and you will also find a nice little gift waiting for you the next time you want to wager on sports.