The Future is Las Vegas

Yes, you read it right. It’s not the future OF Las Vegas, but the future IS Vegas going into 2018. Jed Kolko has assessed that in about 60 years from now, the demographic structure of Canada would match that of Las Vegas. This means that the Sin City is already into the future, and that the entire country will follow its path to hell! Or does it? The demographic data doesn’t necessarily involve the Las Vegas casinos and its sensuous nightlife.

Most of the population in Vegas comprises of tourists from all over the world. The 2017 Census Bureau analysis of Canada shows that the immigrant population is growing every year. Thus, it gives rise to our first assumption that the number of foreign folks would eventually overwhelm the locals. This doesn’t quite predict the fall of the whites (no offense intended). It simply implies that the country is growing more diverse. Gradually, it will evolve into the most socially-progressive nation that the world has ever beheld, if it is not that already!

Las Vegas Casinos 2018

However, it is surmised that Canada won’t entirely be dominated by other racial groups. There are millions of locals making a living in the Valley of Las Vegas working in brick and motar casinos, rather than online casinos. Only a few immigrants choose to actually stay in the city. Did you know that a tourist spends just about 3-4 days on an average in Vegas? It is tough for outsiders to adjust to the sophisticated lifestyle prevalent in the region. Only a few good determined tourists could accept the way of life of the locals.

Hence, though the population of Canada would mostly consist of that of other races, it won’t be monumentally overtaken. And every city definitely won’t be flooded with casino games and strippers, unfortunately so. Oh, how we wish that were the case. Every single day would have been a lively vacation!