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Super Bowl 2021 is this Sunday so today we review Super Bowl betting Canada. With the new decade upon us, the Super Bowl offers sports bettor their first big chance to cash in on the big game. This game will mark a changing of guard in the NFL. While the previous decades saw players like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady rise to prominence, the 2020’s will kick off a new era in the NFL. Who are some notable quarterbacks that we could see in future Super Bowls?

Deshaun Watson

The dynamic Houston Texans quarterback is a boom or bust player. If he is having a good night, he is nearly unstoppable. However, if Watson isn’t playing to his potential, the Texans have a hard time capitalizing on opportunities. How does this impact Super Bowl betting Canada? Expect to see more of Watson in the next decade as the Texans continue to get better and better.

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs have become a new team under the leadership of Patrick Mahomes. Even if the Chiefs are unable to make it Super Bowl LIV, the Chiefs will undoubtedly make it to the Super Bowl in the new decade. Mahomes is a dynamic player that has a cannon for an arm. When Mahomes is having a good night, very few defenses in the NFL can stop him. If Mahomes and the Chiefs have a favorable Super Bowl matchup, expect them to possibly make a dynasty run in the upcoming decade.

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Russell Wilson

Although Russell Wilson of the Seahawks has already won a Super Bowl, it’s likely that he will continue to impact the league in the 2020s. With the introduction of legal online sports gambling, Russell Wilson and company are likely to be perennial pre-season Super Bowl favorites year-in and year-out. View these sites for tips on Super Bowl betting Canada in 2021.

Just because Wilson has been to the Super Bowl before doesn’t exclude him out of the players to watch. The Super Bowl LIV will be a preview of the new era in football.