Real Money Casino Banking Options

This is the second part of our list of online casino deposit options, so if you missed part one, don’t forget to check it out! Before you get started with online gambling, it’s important to know all the different deposit methods that are available and choose the right one for you. Let’s continue on and discuss even more of the deposit options that online casinos allow their customers to use. Here at where we have reviewed the top Canadian online casinos we understand the importance of reviewing real money casino banking options as a part of our review process.


In case you weren’t aware that you could deposit money into your account using checks, it’s actually one of the options. The only issue some find with this method is that it could take a long time to go through, especially if you’re sending the check overseas. Money orders and cashier checks are also an additional option to personal checks.

Real Money Banking Options


Run by the Automated Clearing House (ACH), this option is an electronic funds transfer system that allows you to move money from your bank account elsewhere or vice versa. You’ll provide the online casino with your bank account number and routing number and you can make a deposit. There’s typically one or two small deposits the site will make (under $1 each) for verification purposes.


PayPal is an extremely popular method for many, not only because it’s considered a safe option, but also because it’s convenient. Not all online gaming sites accept PayPal, but you’ll still find it as a deposit option on many sites.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is another method to move money from your bank account right to your online casino account. However, online gaming sites will typically only allow a transfer if the name on your account matches that on the bank account. For example, you cannot have your friend send a wire transfer from their bank account to your online casino account since the names are different. Some sites will cover the fees associated with the wire transfer, while others won’t.

Now that you’re more aware of what types of deposit methods online casinos accept, it’s time to do some research and look into the online casinos you’re considering joining to see if they accept your favorite method. Don’t forget to read the fine print!