Oceans Casino to Undergo $15 Million Renovation

Oceans Casino Resorts in Atlantic City was the only Atlantic City casino to increase its operating profit during the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, the casino’s owners announced that they will spend $15 million on renovations, raises for employees, and charitable donations.

The renovation will include upgrades to the casino floor, as well as outdoor amenities like pools, cabanas and the beach.

They also plan to open up a new high-limit table games area. A new Asian gambling space and two new guest lounges for holders of its loyalty card. Asian games are an important part of most casinos and feature casino games popular. With Asian or Asian American customers, like pai gow, a gambling game played with domino-like tiles.

Oceans Casino to Undergo $15 Million Renovation

“With no restrictions and we begin reopening additional areas of our business. I am happy at the opportunity to present our guests with an evolving gaming experience that’s unique to the market,” Terry Glebocki, Ocean’s CEO, said in a statement on Monday.

There will be new pathways installed throughout the casino so guests can more easily navigate between games. That has been an issue since the facility opened as Revel in 2012. The casino also is adding 250 new slot machines.

The casino also said it is earmarking more than $1 million for raises and bonuses for employees this year.

In 2020, Oceans Casino more than tripled its gross operating profit, making it the only one of nine casinos in Atlantic City to increase its profit for the year amid the pandemic. Its operating profit was $21.8 million, up from $6.7 million in 2019.