Mississippi Gambling Poised To Become Las Vegas Of The South

Anyone in the mood for Mississippi gambling? The Supreme Court recently ruled that states have the authority to decide. If they want to make sports gambling legal. Which was a big win for the states that have been fighting to legalize sports betting. Also, sports fans who want to be able to legally bet on sports. Why go to Las Vegas?

One of the states that intends to capitalize on the ruling is Mississippi. Therefore, is planning to become the Las Vegas of the south.

For those that haven’t been to Mississippi, it is a state with a rich history of gambling. There are a variety of casinos, great weather and golf courses, which will likely make it a bigger tourist attraction once the state legalizes sports gambling.

The state got the ball rolling last year when they quietly adapted a daily fantasy sports bill and removed the language that was problematic for sports betting going forward.

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Mississippi Gambling

“The change in language is subtle. However, significant.” said Tommy Shepherd, a gaming attorney and partner at Jones Walker in Mississippi, who was described at the seminar as a “driving force” in the state’s gaming industry. “It completely changes the landscape.”

With the NFL being the most heavily bet on sport, especially in the south, Mississippi has a head start over their neighboring states, which will likely make them the top destination in the south once the state legalizes sports betting.

With Mississippi close to Louisiana, St. Louis, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, states that are nowhere close to making a decision on legalizing sports betting, Mississippi will be the only game in town for a while, and since it’s closer to those states than Nevada is, people that would usually go to Vegas have another option to choose from.

“It will drive a whole new kind of customer to the area, and we estimate it will bring in an additional $50 to $150 million in gaming revenue,” Shepherd added emphatically.

In conclusion why go to Las Vegas when you have Mississippi gambling?