Land Based Canadian Casinos

Land based Casinos in Canada give gamblers a slice of the Las Vegas lifestyle without having to travel south of the border to do so. Two land based casinos in Canada that have received rave reviews are located in two different parts of the country. If you are near Vancouver, check out the River Rock Casino Resort for one of the largest selections of table games, poker tournaments and slot machines available on the Western Coast. River Rock has received high marks from those who have recently visited the property. The property is inundated with flat screen TVs and the resort is well lit. The security maintains a presence on this property so you can indeed feel safe while at this casino.

In Ontario, Caesar’s Windsor Casino is a popular place for both Americans and Canadians because the casino is located across the border from Detroit. This large property lets you use your Total Rewards points that can be redeemed at Caesar’s properties in Las Vegas. These two casinos are some of the top land based Canadian Casinos because they offer more amenities than other Casinos in their respective areas. Canadian Casinos are a great alternative to a Las Vegas vacation.