Hard to Find Casino Games

One of the best reasons to use an online casino is the vast selection of games that cannot be found at a traditional brick and mortar casino. Ignition Casino is one of the top providers of specialty online gaming. Let’s take a closer look at what games Ignition might provide that aren’t commonly found in many traditional casinos.

Hard to Find Casino Games

Vegas Style 3 Card Rummy

If you enjoy playing card games, Vegas Style 3 Card Rummy is right up your alley. Ignition has published all of the rules of 3 card rummy on their website. The main goal of 3 card rummy is to get a lower score than the dealer.
In 3 card rummy, you get point deductions for pairs and runs of cards. There’s even a lucrative bonus bet that pays you odds on hitting these combinations of cards. A “run” is described as 2 or more cards of the same suit in succession. For example, a 6 of diamonds and a 7 of diamonds is a run. Try your luck with Ignition Casino’s Vegas Style 3 Card Rummy.


Unless you go to a large casino in Las Vegas, Keno may not be available in your local casino. While digital versions of Keno may be available in brick and mortar casinos, Ignition lets you play Keno for as little as one cent per game. This allows micro stakes gamblers to get their money’s worth as they play unconventional casino games inside of Ignition’s online casino.