Casinos In Canada Online 2013

Today we will be providing our Canadian visitors a review of Casinos in Canada for 2013 online. This online review of land-based casinos in Canada will showcase our favorite casinos in Canada. The Windsor Casino in Windsor, Ontario is one of our favorite land-based casinos in Canada and this online casino review will explain why.

Casinos In Canada Online

The Caesars Windsor Casino offers many great features in their Hotel Casino combination. Amongst those features is the Neros Steakhouse which is a 5 Star steakhouse. The Caesars Windsor land-based casino also has a great buffet with famous food pairings from all around the world. When it comes to casino games this Canada casino offers live poker, all types of slots games, and of course some of the best classic table casino games in the world. The current progressive jackpot at the Caesars Windsor is sitting at an astounding $354,842.51. You heard it here first fellow Canucks, this is one great casino progressive jackpot and explains why when it comes to casinos in Canada online for 2013 that the Caesars land-based Canada casino is our only recommendation if you are planning to play casino games offline. In any other case, we prefer playing online casino games rather than visiting land-based casinos offline. If you cannot make it out to visit the Caesars Windsor Casino then we suggest taking a look at our top Canadian online casinos review and get in the game today.