Canadian Player Testimonial

A Walk-Thru of the Mansion Casino

Canada Online Casino

Earlier this month we had Cliff from Halifax, NS review the new Mansion Casino for Canadian players and share his thoughts as a first time player. Below is a transcript of Cliff’s thoughts in his own words.

The casino is very hard to navigate. The various “panes” or pages that come up are confusing to say the least. It took me about 15 minutes just to find the games I wanted. Although I am a very experienced video poker player, having 49 Royal Flushes to my credit, I found that there is a big lack of video poker games to play, that is, basic video poker. I found two. Jacks or better and 10’s or better. The rest were none basic like joker pokers x 5 x 10 etc and oddball video pokers that I had never even heard of before. On top of that there were only about 10 video poker games in all. There should be games like Aces & Faces, deuces wild, Bonus poker, double bonus poker, double double bonus poker, All Aces, Aces and Eights and quite a number more. The video poker cards that were “held” after a bet were ok in some respect in that they held two pay cards but often would ignore the only pay card and would hold 4 none pay cards in the possibility that 1 card would show up to make it a paying hand. For instance, a King might be ignored while a 4-5-7-8 might be held hoping for an inside straight with only one possible card coming up to complete a straight. VERY often a single pay card would be held with one or two others ignored and the player has to hold them himself. In short the player has to be VERY alert at all times on every hand. This is ok but one should expect the casino to hold any and all possible pay cards. On the good side if 3 cards to a royal would come up, they were held and another off suit pay card would be ignored which is good practise. Pairs of pay cards would be held as were pairs of none pay cards. The graphics were excellent and there were no glitches in the games. One more REAL GOOD point in this casino’s favour is that the first purchase bonus was right there and one does not have to scrap with them on line to get it like a lot of other casinos do. Loading speed is excellent once you find the game you are after. Not sure what else I can say but overall I would give it a 5 out of 10 and would not likely play that casino again due to its convoluted way of presenting the play options.

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