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Online Casino Review: Bodog Canada Casino

Bodog Canada Review
Bodog Casino Overall Rating: 9.9/10
Trust Factor
Deposit Options/Bonuses
Game Selection 9.6 Security 10 Promotions 9.9
Graphics/Sounds 10 Certificate(s) Kahnawake Max Bonus Unlimited
Payout Percentage 9.7 Fair Play 9.9 Deposit Options 9.4
Speed 9.7 Customer Support 9 Withdrawal Options 9.9

Bodog Now Accepts Players From Both Canada and the US – Here Are Some of Their Pros!

Check out Bodog in 2021 for the best online casino bonuses, Super Bowl 2021, and poker bonuses for players in Canada today. The Bodog Canada Casino review is now finally open to players from Canada and below you will find a current Bodog Casino Review that you will not find anywhere else!

Bodog has now made the move into Canada and you can now be one of the first Canadians to join in on the fun. Be amongst the first Canadian online casino players to have a Bodog Casino account.

The Bodog Canada Casino has over 100 online casino games for bettors to choose from. The Bodog Casino has the best odds with a payout percentage of over 98%.

Sign up through one of the above links and receive an instant 100% signup bonus. The signup bonus amount is unlimited! In addition to a great signup bonus and 20% refer-a-friend bonus, you will also enjoy weekly Cash Comps.

This past year the Bodog Canada Casino celebrated 17 years of service excellence and being an industry staple in the competitive iGaming realm. Unless you have been living under a rock or you are just from Kansas, you have probably heard of them. Bodog has several licensees around the world including Antigua, Costa Rica, London, Kahnawake and China just to name a few and is an online casino force to be reckoned with. You could compare Bodog to Nike, except Bodog is known to reward their employees and players quite handsomely, plus Bodog employees do not work out of sweatshops. You will be pleased to know that Bodog has also started offering Live Chat to their Customer Service efforts making the Bodog Canada Casino hands down the best customer service team in the world of online casinos, in Canada to be more precise. If you want to learn more about the Bodog Canada casino before joining click on the above link and then click on Live Chat once you are on the Bodog Canada site. Within seconds you will have a live Bodog agent ready and willing to help you through any questions you may have. There is little doubt why the Bodog Canada Casino is the best online casino reviewed by Canadian players for Canadian bettors.

Unrivaled Customer Service – Bodog is widely known for a reason. Their Customer Service is unsurpassed and their casino comps are great! Needless to say, this is currently why our American users have Bodog ranked very high.

Biggest Variety & Selection of Casino Games – If it is out there, Bodog has it. The Bodog Casino specializes in table games and slot machines. Keep in mind also that all you need is one account that allows you to play their Blackjack, and if you should choose, the same player account will allow you to use those same funds to place a sports wager on your home team, or play Texas Holdem Poker.

Casino Comps & Player Loyalty Rewards – Bodog Casino Comps are offered weekly in accordance to your play. Each player will have their own personal Casino Host that you can call up anytime to shoot the proverbial $hit with, in addition to informing you of the latest offers and how to play certain casino games.

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  • Payout for all games: 98.0%
  • Weekly Cash Comps
  • 24-hour English speaking customer service
  • Live Chat for Canadian players
  • Easy deposit options and fast payouts for players from Canada
  • One account lets you play in the Casino, bet on Sports and play online Poker.
  • Progressive Jackpot games totalling over $1,000,000
  • Free Blackjack
  • Free Roulette
  • Free Craps
  • Free Video Poker

Online Casino Bonuses: Bodog Canada Casino Bonuses

Bodog has long since dominated the online entertainment world for more than 15 years with the following well established products:

Bodog Online Casino

* The Bodog Casino – Currently Offering an Instant 10% Sign Up Bonus. In addition to a great online casino bonus offering by the Bodog Casino they also award weekly cash comps to players and many seasonal promotions throughout the year. The Bodog Casino is easily the best casino online when you take into consideration their customer service, selection of games, and most of all, the Bodog Casino reputation that you can take to the bank day or night.

Bodog Online Sportsbook

* The Bodog Sportsbook – Currently Offering an Instant 10% Sign Up Bonus. The Bodog Canada Sportsbookis easily one of the best online sportsbooks accepting Canadian players. If you watch sports, there is little doubt that you have seen the Bodog Sportsbook odds on TSN, Sportsnet and CTV during sports programs. Bodog is the cream of the crop when it comes to online sportsbooks and that is why every month they keep their good standing with us in our Bodog review.

Bodog Online Poker

* The Bodog Poker Room – Currently Offering an Instant 110% Sign Up Bonus to new Bodog poker players. That’s right, not only do you get the instant 10$ signup bonus when you join Bodog Canada Poker, you also get an additional 100% Bodog bonus when creating a new account with Bodog. Please note as per Bodog’s terms and conditions, you are only allowed one Bodog player account per player. Duplicate Bodog accounts will be disabled.

Online Casino Deposit Options: Bodog Canada Casino Deposit Options

  • Most Popular Method of Payment – Moneybookers (Recommended)

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Bodog Review

The Bodog sportsbook started way back in the year 1995, and it has since grown to become of the most reputed online sportsbooks. Years passed and then Bodog extended its expertise into online casinos as well, this bringing you the Bodog Casino and this Bodog Casino Review. This is a complete review of both the Bodog Casino as well as the Bodog Sportsbook. Let’s first review the online gambling service that started it all. The Bodog Sportsbook has been around for more than 15 years, and it is known for having first introduced the now-famous Instant eCheck method also known as Direct Bank Transfer at Bodog. It is known to have an excellent customer service team, along with a simple and easy-to-use website. You can place bets on a variety of different games at Bodog, including NFL football, NBA and NCAA football. If you look around for just a few minutes, you will find many Canadian sportsbooks that copy the policies and web pages of the Bodog Sportsbook to replicate its phenomenal success. Now the reason that you are probably here, is to read an honest review of the Bodog Casino. The Bodog casino has been called the most popular online casino in Canada and the USA which utilizes the Real Time Gaming software. You can play games on the Bodog casino through its download or non-download version. If you already have a Bodog account on the sportsbook website, you can use it for the Bodog casino as well as for the poker room which is now Mac compatible. This online casino offers a great selection of both table games, new slots games, and other great casino games. Also remember at the Bodog Casino all casino players from Canada receive cash comps just for playing whether you win or you don’t! This was the independent review of both the Bodog Casino and Bodog Sportsbook. As you can see, Bodog is well established and is a coveted entertainment gambling destination.

Online Casinos

When you think of Casino, you should be thinking of the Bodog Casino. This online Casino has paved the way for online casinos. As many of our Canadian visitors may have noticed, these new government run online casinos popping up all over the place are trying to copy the way the Bodog Casino looks and operates. Unforunately for Bodog imposters they cannot mimic Bodog’s selection of casino games nor can they afford to hire the number of customer service representatives that the Bodog customer service team consists of. With a special attention to detail, the Bodog Casino is a force to be recknoned with. We have also been told by Bodog customer service agents that Bodog is offering Canadian players a new deposit option whereby Bodog players that reside in Canada can fund and withdraw payments straight to their bank account, also known as Direct Bank Transfer. This Bodog payment option is not like those other ones you see where you can use your bank account, Bodog’s bank account deposit version is just like writing a personal check. Basically all you have to do is input your bank account number, routing number, and the amount you wish to deposit and you will instantly have the funds available in your Bodog account while it takes Bodog 2-3 business days to withdraw the funds from your bank account just like writing a check would. This is a great deposit option for Bodog Canada players and we strongly urge Canadian players who join the Bodog Canada Casino to deposit with direct bank transfer as oppose to using a credit card. Alternatively, Bodog Canada players also have the option to deposit and withdraw via Moneybookers.

Bodog Canada Review

You have come here looking to read Bodog Canada review which was a smart idea. Above we have gone through a pretty detailed review of the new Bodog Canada broken down by the Bodog Canada Casino, Bodog Canada Sportsbook and Bodog Canada Poker Room, with well documented reasons of why you might like the new Bodog Canada, and things that might make you want to shy away. The above review of Bodog Canada is mainly focused on their Las Vegas styled online casino, however if you want to learn more about their sportsbook specifically because of something you might have seen on TSN or Sportsnet, then you might want to make your way down to our Bodog Sportsbook Review as one of the best Canadian online sportsbooks for all major sports betting events. With the 2014 Super Bowl just moments away check out our Bodog Canada Review and see how you can get yourself an instant 10% signup bonus just because you are Canadian! Also you may have heard people on the radio or TV refer or spell Bodog like Bo Dog, that is not the correct spelling or way of saying it so now you can say you learned something new today checking out this review. Also if you haven’t noticed by now the new Bodog is not accepting players from the USA, just Canada. So if you are from the USA then check out the below Bovada Review, but if you are a fellow Canuck then click on any one of the above Bodog Canada links and you will be able to signup an account granted that you are 18 years of age or older. Bodog aims to keep betting fun so don’t ruin it for everyone else by crying to your mom if you lose $5. Although you have to pay to play sometimes, don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, or at least make sure you have enough to pay next month’s credit card minimum payment.

Bovada Casino Review for New Bodog

As many of our USA casino players have already learned by now, the Bodog Casino is no longer accepting players from the United States and now Bodog will strictly be focusing their attention on Canada. The Bodog Canada Casino is ranked as our favorite Canadian online casino because of the Bodog casino bonuses and Bodog Canada casino games. Many Americans may be wondering what Bodog will be doing for their USA visitors, but we need not wonder anymore. Bodog just launched the Bovada Casino which will be the USA version of the Bodog Canada Casino. Canadian casino players can continue to join the Bodog Canada Casino, however all US players will now be directed to the new Bovada Casino. For a complete Bovada Casino Review check out the Raw Online Casino Reviews community. This Bovada Casino review lists the pros and cons of the Bovada Casino in addition to deposit and withdrawal options for players from the USA. Also let us not forget that Bovada also has a sportsbook that has different bonuses than the casino room. To learn more about the new Bovada sports betting site check out this Bovada Sportsbook Review and get in the know. Again, the new Bovada is only for American players so if you are from Canada then check out the above Bodog Canada review and see what you been missing all this time!

If many of you have not heard by now, the new Bodog Canada casino has increased their new player bonus for Canadian players. Initially the Bodog Canada Casino, Sportsbook, and Poker Room only offered a 10% bonus for players from Canada when Bodog first launched in the Canadian market but going into September the bonus has been increased to 100%. This is an instant bonus that gets credited into your Bodog player account as soon as you deposit. As you may have read from the above Bodog Review you can deposit for as little as $20 via your bank account, or credit card. Playing at Bodog has always been one of the safest and most exciting pastimes for American players and now from what we have seen, it is becoming a mainstay for Canadian bettors too!

If after reading the above Bodog Canada Review you still find yourself hesitant on joining Bodog then allow us to put your mind at ease. Since 1994 the Bodog Casino has never missed a payout, has the highest rated Customer Service, and the highest payout percentage of casino games of any other Canadian online casino. For this month the Bodog Canada Casino is offering new players a 100% signup bonus plus up to $600 in extra casino chips.

We really like the fact that at the Bodog Canada gambling site one player account allows you to play real money casino games in the Las Vegas themed online casino, bet on sports in the Bodog Sportsbook, and play poker online in the world famous Bodog Poker room now accepting Canadian players.

In today’s Bodog Casino Review update we will talk about the reliabilty of their casino site. It’s not often that you come across an online gambling site which allows US players to play legally. Okay, it is pretty common now, but back in the day, there were just a handful of sites that could circumnavigate around the countrywide gambling ban imposed in North America. Bodog was one of the top names in those handfuls, serving players since 1994.


This means that the casino is 20 years old this year, making it one of the oldest and most reliable online casinos around. But we’re not here to discuss the illustrious history of the Bodog entertainment group; we are here to see whether Bodog Casino still holds the same charms as its more modern counterparts.


So we took a swing at the old Bodog website and instantly entered a game of slots, without any credits thanks to the generous signup bonus. But that’s still not the reason why Bodog is still top dog. It’s the high level of centralization that makes Bodog casino so great. For example, there’s a single wallet in which you can deposit your amount and bet on various sports through this very wallet. This makes the annoyance of creating various signup accounts redundant, so you may bet on everything from sports to MMA!


Firm reputation and centralization aside, Bodog also offers excellent playability on the virtual games. There’s literally just one click required to start a game; no registration forms or anything! Games are still powered by the Real Time Gaming Casino Software that powers almost all online casino games, and dealing is pretty fast too. Overall, a great online casino for both the novice as well as the experienced player!