BC Online Casino

BC Online Casino

Hey everyone our initial rumors were confirmed yesterday and the BC Lottery Corporation announced their introduction into the Canadian online casino market. Although the announcement has been made very public by local newspapers, television news and online casino industry watchdogs, details of the launch have not been made public as of yet.

What does this mean for Canadian online casinos as a whole? Well at first you would think that this is great news all around because this move will lead to a variety of online casinos which gives Canadian players more choices and more bonuses; however a government owned online casino brings with it a lot of disadvantages as well. Aside from tax implications for players, a government controlled online casino is self-regulated which means it is not subject to third-party independent auditing like our recommended top Canadian online casinos are. A government controlled Canadian online casino for BC residents is going to monopolize gaming by the government much like ICBC has done in the insurance industry.

All in all we are happy to report that the government “on the record” approves of adults playing online casino games, but the jury is still out on what the implications will be for an online casino run and operated by the Canadian government. We can tell you now that Play Now, is not even close to making it to our list of the best Canadian Online Casinos for players from BC and the rest of Canada! A day after the announcement was made by the BC Lottery Corporation, the website of the government controlled online casino (PlayNow.com) crashed and they did not have enough customer service staff employed to handle the call volume, and online chat is not even an option for players who are having issues with the software. As of this moment while I write this post, the website is still down.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above announcement. If you have any questions or comments, please send them our way to Player Feedback and until next time; sweat the roll of the dice, not the payout!

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