Bad Luck Casinos

Whether you play at casinos online in Canada or you prefer playing live you will want to read today’s story on which casinos are bad luck and should be avoided playing at in 2018.

In part one, we witnessed the stories of the worst gamblers who were filthy rich. In part two, let us take a look at the fascinating tales of those who should have thought twice before betting their relatively meager fortune.

Bruno Venturi: He had no gambling addiction, no penchant for visiting popular casinos in town, just a habit of betting small amounts in an online casino site called Eurobet UK. One fateful evening, Bruno deposited 17 euros and started gambling. To his surprise, he kept on winning with every bet he placed; so much so that in about three and a half hours, he had amassed more than half a million euros.

Bad Luck Casinos 2018

When he decided that 650,000 euros were enough, he tried to collect his winnings. However, to his dismay, the website officials proclaimed that there was a glitch in their virtual machine, due to which his winnings were considered null and void. As expected, Bruno went ahead and sued the online gambling portal, but lost the case since a substantive glitch was detected. To make the bad situation worse, after fixing the glitch, the officials declared that Bruno had actually lost close to 60,000 euros.

Mark Johnston: Did you know that the Nevada law bans overly drunk gamblers from placing bets in any casino? While that may be a fact, how could the casino employees determine whether or not the patron is drunk until he/she acts like one. Mark Johnston may have downed quite a few pegs, but that didn’t prevent him from splurging close to 500,000 dollars in one of the Las Vegas casinos. Now, he claims that he was actually high on alcohol, since the employees kept serving him even after he was apparently wasted. The case is still going on in the courts, but the fact remains that Mark lost 500,000 dollars in the course of a weekend!