Are You Addicted to Gambling

As exciting and fun as it is to partake in online gambling, there comes a point where it may become a problem if you’re not careful. There are many who develop a gambling addiction, and it can be a serious problem if isn’t taken care of sooner than later. If you’re thinking you may have a gambling addiction or you think you’re headed in that direction, the following six signs could be an indication that you may want to seek help. Today we will be taking a look at gambling addiction as a Canadian citizen.

You’re using money that you can’t afford to spend

There’s a big difference between gambling with your extra spending cash and using money that’s meant for important bills, such as your rent, utilities, and car. If you find yourself using money that you can’t afford to spend, it’s a big sign of a problem.

You owe a substantial amount of money

There are many who get so wrapped up in gambling that they rack up a huge amount of debt because they borrow money from other people to play. If you can’t use your own money, it’s a good idea to hold off until you can.

You make excuses why you need to gamble

Gambling for fun is one thing, but it’s when you’re making excuses as to why you need to, such as that you need to win money to pay your bills or that you want to make yourself feel better, that it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed.

You’re chasing losses

Repeatedly chasing losses is a big sign that there’s a problem. Chasing losses is when you keep losing, but you keep placing bets anyway because you swear you’re going to win at any moment. This is almost a surefire way that you’re going to dig yourself into a deeper hole, especially if you increase your bets to make up for the losses you accumulated.

Gambling Addiction

Your demeanor has changed

Do you find that your moods revolve around how you do when you gamble? For example, are you incredibly happy when you win, but you’re miserable and angry when you don’t? This is a big red flag that the fun of gambling has become much more serious in 2016.

You’re lying about what you’re doing

Lying in almost any scenario is a signal of a problem, but when you’re lying about your gambling, it’s a red flag that you may have a gambling addiction. For example, you make sure to keep that part of your life as private as possible, you don’t tell people when or where you’re gambling, and you never share information about your wins or losses, and if someone does ask, you lie.

Ultimately, one of the biggest signs that you may have a gambling addiction is that you feel like you can’t stop. It’s something you feel that you have to do, that you must do, and if that’s the case, then it could signify a serious problem. There are plenty of ways to get help if you have a gambling addiction, and there are numerous anonymous options. However, telling a trusted loved one can be a big benefit so you have someone in your corner to help you through.