All Jackpots Bonus

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If you are playing at one of the best Canadian online casinos that you very much enjoy and find yourself spending the majority of your online playing time at said online casino, you might as well find one that rewards you for your time!

All Jackpots Canadian Online Casino

The new and improved All Jackpots online casino has just introduced a new player loyalty program for their casino players. Basically the way it works is like most reputable online casino royalty programs, the more you play, the more they pay you. With your new All Jackpots Loyalty Rewards Club Membership you can earn 1 point for every 10 credits you wager and there is absolute no maximum to the number of points you can earn or how much cash you can redeem! There’s no wonder why the All Jackpots online casino is one of our favorite Canadian Online Casinos

In order to get yourself an All Jackpots Loyalty Club membership at this great Canadian online casino just follow the below steps:

* Download the All Jackpots Casino Today

* From the Main Lobby click on the Loyalty Tab

* Click View and Claim Your Points

That’s pretty much it and you are set to start earning your player loyalty points at this great Canadian online casino. As always, if you have any questions about the All Jackpots Casino for Canadian players or this specific loyalty program, please feel free to contact us.