3 Types of Poker Players

Today we are looking at the 3 types of people that you are bound to end up with at the poker table when you play online at Bodog or in Las Vegas.

If you have sat at the poker tables in the brick-and-mortar casinos, then you may have come across several different types of players. Did you know that each of those players can be categorized into 3 different types? And you can easily differentiate these types in the online casinos as well. The Bovada casino even allows you judge each player by the time he/she spends in betting. Heck, you might be one of these people even. Read on!

1. The Loud Ones: While these types of players may not directly reveal their cards, they can’t really keep quiet about those either. Their expressions speak louder than their words, and you can easily manipulate them into betting or raising for a lost cause. However, such people will generally be the ones who will go all-in even if they have a single Ace in their hand.

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2. The Silent Ones: These are the most difficult to read. They don’t usually betray any emotions whatsoever. More often than not, they will maintain a poker-faced demeanor. However, you can judge their play by the bets or checks they make. Beware of the sly ones though. They will keep checking even if they hold the best cards. And when the ‘river’ comes up, you will be laden with a false sense of security that you hold the best hand, thus coercing you to bet more than you usually would have. Bang, they will raise your bet and you will end up broke!

3. The Confused Ones: These folks will appear confused more often than not, or at least try to. Regardless of whether or not they hold good cards, their mediocre act of confusion will fool even the best artists in the trade. They will think for quite some time before checking or betting, showing that they are uncertain about their cards. However, in reality, they are simply trying to manipulate those around them.

There are many more categories of gamblers, but these 3 are the most basic ones. While starting off at a table, you only need to place your fellow gamblers in one of the types.