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PokerStars and Fulltilt Poker To Stop Accepting US Poker Players

Well it is official; our neighbors to the South have gone mad. In the most recent turn of events for US players the US Attorney has filed an injunction against PokerStars and the Fulltilt Poker Room. These two were by easily the biggest online poker rooms for US players and those from Canada as well. Now, if you visit either of the PokerStars online poker room or Fulltilt poker room from an US computer, you will be forwarded to a seizure notice by the US government.

Many are pointing to the convenient timing of the injunction as recent news has pointed to a government run online poker room coming online in the coming year. Is it possible that the US is trying to weed out their competition before they launch their state owned and operated online casinos? Here in Canada although we now have a government owned online poker room for BC residents, the government has not made any stink about Canadian players continuing to play at non-goverment owned online casinos and poker rooms. Since at times our government has been criticized for doing everything that the US government does, how long will it be before we too are banned from such online poker rooms like the Bodog Poker Room and PokerStars.

Only time will tell and we here at Casino Guide Canada, home of the best Canadian online casinos, will continue to keep our fingers crossed and monitor the situation!

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