Online Sports Betting Canada

Online Sports Betting Canada

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Online Sports Betting Canada

Welcome to Casino Guide Canada, the home of the best online sportsbooks for Canadian sports bettors especially if they are looking to bet on the 2018 Kentucky Derby over the Internet. There are a lot of great sports betting sites online these days, but many of them do not accept players from Canada. This is why we are very proud to bring you the below top rated Canada online sports betting sites for Canadian players!

Online Sports Betting Canada
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Online Sports Betting

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Online Sports Betting Canada
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Online Betting At the Best Canadian Online Sportsbooks

Next up in the world of online sports betting, and more specifically in Canada, we can look forward to the Kentucky Derby 2018. The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby will take place Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. What a couple of months this has been for Louisville after making it to the NCAA Basketball Championship game, now they will be hosting Kentucky Derby 2018. The above reviewed top three sportsbooks for Canadian players are all offering exclusive bonuses for players from Casino Guide Canada. Whether you enjoy betting on NFL games, or NHL games, the above sports betting sites for Canadian players will rock your world! When it comes to Online Sports Betting Canada, there are many Canadian online sports betting sites that you should remain clear from. These sites are typically that do not allow you to use your credit card, and sites that have slow payouts. The next best thing to betting and winning is betting and cashing out so choose an online sports betting Canadian site wisely. Check out the above Canada online sportsbook review and find an online sportsbook that suits your online sports betting style! Lucky for all of us players from Canada the 2018 Preakness Stakes is underway and what a selection of games do we have to look forward to. If you are new to online betting Preakness Stakes then it is never too late to learn. Just take a look at Bodog Canada college basketball betting odds and put your money on the favorite to cover the spread. That’s my motto like Drake and it has worked wonders for me when it comes to betting on sports with Canadian betting sites. In regards to Preakness Stakes betting very rarely does a 3 seed lose to a 14 seed. Since 1985, the 14 seed has only won 15 times compared to the 3 seed remaining victorious 96 times. For bettors from Canada when it comes to our thoughts and feelings towards Internet sports wagering you have to be careful that you are not placing your wagers according to the popular public opinion. If you look at the pure math involved, the 14 seed historically only wins 15% of the time. A 14 seed has only advance once since 2008 and ironically, it was against Georgetown who is also a 3 seed this year. Can a 3 seed defy the odds and win a game straight up this year? Georgetown vs. Belmont – Belmont is no pushover and even though we expect the Hoyas to overpower the upstart Belmont team, Belmont could keep this game close and this may be a game where it may be wise to take Belmont to beat Georgetown against the spread because this game will certainly be close. Marquette vs. BYU/Iona – It’s going to be hard to predict this game because the play-in game has not determined Marquette’s opponent. Marquette is a physical team that has an incredible inside presence. Not only do we expect Marquette to beat any team they face in the 2nd round, we also expect Marquette to cruise into the Sweet Sixteen. From March Madness betting to NFL online sports betting Canada there are a few online sports betting sites that we recommend for Canadians. From the Bodog sports wagering site to the Sports Interaction Sportsbook, online sports betting Canada is in safe hands going into the football betting season. Whether you like to bet on NFL futures, or just on your favorite NFL team this season, place your bets online at the above Canadian online sports betting sites for players from Canada. Betting on sports over the Internet if you live in Canada is always fun and gives Canadian bettors a chance at making a little extra disposable income. From betting on the NFL, to backing your favorite NHL teams this fall, the above reviewed online sports betting Canada sites for Canadian wagering on the Internet have a betting line just right for you. With great sportsbook bonuses to get you ready for the upcoming NFL regular season you will always be ahead with these Internet sports betting sites sportsbooks for players who live in Canada. If you are looking to bet on sports in Canada and bet online, then online sports betting Canadian sportsbooks are where the fun is at. Whether you are looking to bet on NFL games online, NHL, or even the London 2018 Olympics, the below Canadian sports betting sites will give you a safe place to make your bets online, great bonuses, and even better customer service teams. Take a look at the below Canadian online sportsbook reviews and find a sportsbook that will fit your betting style. If you are having some trouble choosing, our clear number one favorite for the best online sports betting Canada sportsbooks has to be the Sports Interaction Sportsbook which knows their sports betting. The Sports Interaction Sportsbook was launched in 1997 and was the first licensed online sports betting site in North America. Their customer service teams are based right here in Canada so it’s nice knowing that if you need help with anything that it is going to be a fellow Canadian that is going to help you bet better. Check out the Sports Interaction Sportsbook today which happens to be our favorite online sports betting Canada site going into the NFL betting season. Now after an eventful Week 7 in the world of NFL betting we have a good idea of where the teams are going to finish after 16 weeks. Mark Sanchez and the Jets came close to defeating Tom Brady and the Patriots, but not close enough. The Raiders came away with a win, and in the Sunday night game the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger had a tough time against the Bengals and Andy Dalton. Now onto Week 8 NFL betting there are a lot of good bets we see on the horizon and for the best online sports betting in Canada we suggest you check back here for the latest online sports wagering picks and predictions for NFL bettors that live in Canada looking for decent online sports betting Canada sites to bet with. Whether you are sipping on Crown Royal Maple, or Crown Royal Black, we hope you are drinking it in front of your TV watching this year’s March Madness tournament with many Canadian players debuting their talents to the world. By Kevin G

2018 Super Bowl Betting

The 2018 March Madness betting tournament is just around the corner but first up we have the 2017-18 NFL season and Super Bowl 2018. To bet on March Madness 2018 please take a look at the above Canadian online sportsbooks for the best March Madness online betting bonuses and odds from the best online sports betting Canada sites on the Internet.

Internet Sport Wagering CanadianTo search and play with the best Internet sports wagering sites for Canadian bettors it is important that you take a couple of minutes to scope out which Canada online sportsbooks are the best for Canadian bettors. Online sports betting Canada sites are few and far between but there are a good selection of Canada online sportsbooks for Canadian players. If it is NFL betting or NHL wagering you are looking for then take a whirl with the above recommended Canadian online sports betting sites for players from Canada and join in on the Internet betting action today. Sports wagering is fun, and in order to make it profitable as well you have to pick the Canada sportsbook with the best online sports betting bonus. Currently this football season both the Bodog Canada and Sports Interaction online sports betting Canada sites are offering new players an instant 100% Signup Bonus this NFL betting season. The good thing about betting with the above reviewed online sports betting sites is that they all have a great Sportsbook, online casino, plus a poker room open to all Canadian players. When it comes to online sports betting there is more to look for than just a variety of betting options. You should look for bonuses, customer service ratings, and last but not least, feel free to compare betting odds when selecting the top online sports betting Canada sites for Canadian sports bettors.

Internet Sports Wagering for Canadian BettorsWhen it comes to Internet sports wagering online for Canadian bettors there are quite a few decent betting options available. If you want to bet on NFL games, or NBA, or even NHL, you can bet quite easily at either the Bodog Canada Sportsbook, Sports Interaction, or William Hill sports wagering sites for online betting. It is important to find an online sportsbook that exclusively focuses on bettors from Canada because that makes depositing and getting your payouts a lot easier. Plus, who isn’t proud to be Canadian, why not play with a Canadian sportsbook?

NFL Betting PredictionsOver recent weeks many online sports bettors from Canada have come here looking for our NFL betting predictions for the upcoming 2017-18 NFL season. Because betting odds to win Super Bowl 2018 are already posted at the Sports Interaction and Bodog Canada sportsbooks, you can place your longshot picks now. In addition to betting on who is going to win Super Bowl 2018, you can also bet on the Over/Under on how many wins a certain team will get this NFL wagering season. For example, current odds have the Indianapolis Colts winning 6 games during the NFL regular season and now you can bet on whether they will win over 6 games, or under 6. Our NFL betting predictions have the Colts winning less than 6 games this season despite winning the Andrew Luck lottery during the NFL draft. From NFL online betting up to the Super Bowl, and then March Madness after that, we will have all the online betting predictions you need this season for online sports betting at the top Canadian online sports betting sites for bettors from Canada. Tom Izzo has a knack for taking his teams to the Final Four. He and the Spartans always tend to put together a post season run throughout the NCAA tournament. This year is no different; the Big 10 champions may find themselves in another Final Four this year with stand out Draymond Green leading the way. Keep in mind that the last time the Spartans won the Big 10 championship, they went on to win the NCAA tourney in 2000. The Spartans are peaking at the right time and now would be the best time to start betting on Michigan State to win it all. Michigan State is facing Long Island in the 2nd round of the tournament. Although the wagering lines may not be released yet, it will be a safe bet to take Michigan State and the points in this game. A potential matchup against St. Louis or Memphis in the 3rd round would also be a good bet depending upon the spread. If the opening lines for the 3rd round game are anything less than 9 ½ points, you should also take Michigan State and the points in this game as well. If Michigan State meets a team like Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen, you might want to shy away from betting against the spread and bet the money line odds on this type of matchup. To bet on the Spartans for this March Madness tournament at the best online sports betting Canada online sportsbooks check out either Bodog or Sports Interaction for the best Canadian sports betting sites.

Potential Preakness Stakes Wagering Underdog UpsetsFor the past several years, a 12 seed has beaten a 5 seed. Which matchup represents the biggest problem for this year’s 12 seeds? The current 5-12 matchups are: 5 Wichita St. vs. 12 VCU 5 Temple vs. 12 Cal or South Florida 5 Vanderbilt vs. 12 Harvard 5 New Mexico vs. 12 Long Beach State First, let’s examine the play-in game between South Florida and California. The Big East was the 2nd strongest major conference this season while the PAC12 was one of the weakest. South Florida has beaten quality Big East teams through out the season. Look for South Florida to win their play-in game. Look for Wichita State to defeat VCU. You should feel comfortable betting on the money line and disregarding the tempting odds given by picking a VCU upset. South Florida and Temple will be a close matchup but if Temple is favored by the college sports books, you should bet on South Florida against the spread. In fact, South Florida may win the game straight up. Vanderbilt and Harvard will also be a close matchup but look for Vanderbilt to close out the game and win by at least 7 points. New Mexico and Long Beach State will be a showdown but expect the 5 seed New Mexico to win this game. If you agree with our assessments of the 5-12 matchups, you can get the best college basketball betting odds on each of these games at the top sports betting sites for Canadian players!

Canada Sports Betting

When it comes to betting on sports in Canada there are several ways in which to do it. Many online sports bettors started as teenagers going to their local convenience store and playing Sports Action, now many of these online sports betting players in Canada have moved up to betting online at Canadian online sportsbooks. Betting online is much quicker and more convenient which is a welcome for any online sports bettor. When you play Sports Action at the local corner store you typically have to wager on a few different outcomes, also known as a parlay, just to bet. With Canada Sports Betting at the above online sportsbooks you can bet on one single event for as little as $1 and that is all. No bet is too big or too small when betting at the above recommended Canadian online sportsbooks for Canada online sports betting.

Online Sports Betting Canada

If you love sports betting, then you should seriously consider doing it through online sports betting sites. These sites offer a number of benefits that you would not find in a land-based sports-booking service. The most obvious benefit of online sports betting sites is their convenience. You can just sit at home, check out all the statistics and other information you need, and place your bet without even moving from your chair. However, choosing online sports betting sites could be a little tricky. Here are some tips that can help you zero in on the best sports betting website for Canadian players:

  • The first thing you have to do is to check if the website is legal. Illegal websites may work for some time, but they are eventually caught. When that day arrives, you would either lose your bets you bought on the site or get into trouble with the law. Good thing for us that all of the above Canadian online sportsbooks are approved legal sportsbooks!
  • You should also check if the website is credible. Find out what others are saying about the website by visiting an online forum. Do not rely on testimonials. Instead, spend a few minutes to search for some honest reviews.
  • If you love placing bets on several games, look for websites that offer a wide selection. If you love just one game, then choose a website that specializes in that one.

There is a lot of fun in store for you if you play through the right Canada online sports betting sites, so choose wisely.

Internet Sports Wagering

When it comes to betting on sports online for Canadian players there is not much that seperates us from our neighbors to the South. American sports bettors love betting on the NFL, NBA, Triple Crown races, and boxing but where we slightly differ as Canadian online sports bettors is with NHL betting and Euro Cup football betting. You would be surprised by how little Americans bet on hockey, soccer, or European Football. When it comes to Internet sports wagering Canada there are several betting factors to consider. First, is the sportsbook you are looking to place your wagers with accept players from Canada, and can they accept credit card deposits and send checks to Candian players? Once the sportsbook passes those first guidelines, next it is important to look at the betting options available. There are some sportsbooks like JustBet that allow Canadian sports bettors to join, but if you are looking to bet on hockey you will have one heck of a time finding decent betting odds, and don’t even think about betting on playoff series. That is why we recommend the above online sports betting Canada sites like the Bodog Canada Sportsbook, Sports Interaction betting site, and William Hill wagering sportsbook which offer a wide selection of wagering options on all sports, not just the ones Americans like. In addition to having great wagering odds, awesome customer service, the above reviewed Canada Internet sports wagering sportsbooks have monthly free bets and promotions that give you reason to bet for free on certain games or sports that you otherwise would not have wagered on. Take a spin with one of the top selected online sportsbooks for players from Canada and let us know what you think. Whether you are happy betting with them, or you regret it, we would like to know and share your feedback with other sports bettors from Canada!

If you are getting yourself ready for this season’s sports betting over the Internet ups and downs, then you should consider the following. More people in Canada bet on the NFL more than any other sport. This includes CFL betting and NHL. Yes, Canadians love NFL betting. Any online sports betting in Canada site will tell you that the online sportsbook with the highest bonus does not necessarily mean it is the best online sportsbook for you to bet on sports. Do your research, read online sportsbook reviews, and ask around. Word of mouth is the best source of information when deciding where to bet on sports online. Google

Betting Online Sports

It’s time to beef up our betting online sports section for players from Canada as we make our way into the 2017-18 NFL regular season. This NFL season and Colelge Football seaons appear to be like none other before. All the major sports television networks are already projecting all-time television ratings with more football games televised on the TV and online than ever before. What this means is with more national attention from Canadian broadcasters on American sports, betting interest will naturally also increase. If you have heard of betting online sports before but too scared or lazy to try it, take a look at the above online sports betting Canadian sites for the best startup guides and bonuses for new sports bettors that live in Canada

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