Online Casino Deposit Methods

Online Casino Deposit Method Options

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Bodog Canada Deposit and Payout Options:

  • VISA Credit Card
  • MasterCard Credit Card
  • Bitcoin the Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer Interac e-Transfer
  • Cheque

When depositing at an online casino it is not always the easiest thing for Canadian online casino players. Some players do not have a credit card, or their credit card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) may not allow them to deposit at an online casino. Many popular online casino deposit methods in the past have included Ukash Vouchers and the use of Bitcoin or Bitcoins, which can be purchased at any ESSO gas station using the Now Prepay system, in addition to e-wallet online casino deposit methods such as Moneybookers or NETeller. However now this has gotten a whole lot easier.

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If you would like to join one of the best Canadian online casinos around today then check out the Bodog Casino today. Join the Bodog Casino Now and get yourself an instant 100% Signup Bonus at the Bodog Casino for Canadian players and enjoy their best selection of online casino deposit methods for players from Canada. At the Bodog Canada Casino you can fund your player account with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and many online ewallet deposit methods as mentioned above. In addition to your standard online casino deposit methods, Bodog Canada was also the first to offer Interac deposits for players living in Canada which is by far the easiest and quickest way to deposit and get your payouts.

Now the Bodog Casino, voted one of this month’s best Canadian Online Casinos has just announced their launch of Interac deposit acceptance. This means that all Bodog Casino players from Canada can simply deposit via Interac money transfer. In the 16+ years that the Bodog Casino has been online they have never offered this as a deposit method for online casino players until now! Be one of the first Canadian online casino players to join in on the fun at the Bodog Casino and use Interac money transfer as one of the news online casino deposit methods for Canadian online casinos!

Canadian Online Casinos

Below we have listed the top Canadian online casinos for casino game play over the Internet and feel confident about the below online casinos for players that live in Canada. Bodog takes the cake because of their top notch customer service, All Slots comes in the number two spot because of their great new player bonuses, and then the All Jackpots online casino rounds out the top three based on their wide selection of slots and table casino games for real money. If you are a Canadian casino player then you will love these online casinos.

Casino Betting Over the Internet

When you are betting online at your favorite casinos sometimes players from Canada have trouble funding their player accounts or getting payouts. This is why we recommend the above Canadian online casinos when it comes to casino betting over the Internet in the New Year. Regardless of how you spend your free time these holidays, be sure to squeeze in some time at the above reviewed Canadian online casinos.

Internet Casinos Payment Choices

If you plan to play for real money at an online casino today and you live in Canada then your payment choices are a plenty. Casino players from Canada can deposit with their Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX if they want to go the credit card route. If you rather prefer using an e-Wallet you can fund your online casino account with your Moneybookers, NETeller, EwalletXpress, or Click2Pay accounts. If you want to skip the middle man and do not wish to use a credit card, or e-Wallet, then you can use your bank account and make electronic check transfers. Fortunately for Canadians, we can choose from any of the above options to get money in and out of online casinos, however our neighbors to the South can only use Credit Card and even that does not work 75% of the time for US players. Luckily for us we can throw a rock and hit an online casino deposit method that works easy at most Canadian online casinos. The above online casinos, Bodog Canada, All Slots, and All Jackpots, all offer the aforementioned online casino deposit options for playing casino games over the Internet. If there is an online casino deposit method not listed above and you would like us here at Casino Guide Canada to review it please contact us from our contact page and let us know which payment choice you feel we should review and add to our list of the best online casino deposit methods for players from Canada.

Bitcoin Online Casinos

You have landed here because you are looking for online casinos with the best deposit options. Most of the Canadian online casinos we have reviewed and now recommend accept VISA and MasterCard, but just more recently have only a few started to accept Bitcoins as a deposit method. The best Bitcoin online casino we have reviewed is the Bodog Canada Casino. Bodog was one of the first brands to get into the Bitcoin game and despite having a couple of hiccups at the start they have now become the premiere betting site for players that want to deposit and get payouts using Bitcoin. If you don’t know how to use Bitcoin here are some steps to get you setup using Bitcoin for first-time depositors. You first need to setup a Bitcoin Wallet. Our favorite site and recommended by Bodog is the brand that makes it super easy to send and receive payments. In order to convert your Bitcoins into or from Canadian Dollars then you can use after you have the funds in your BlockChain Wallet.

Over the past few weeks we have had many online casino players from Canada contact us regarding PayPal as a deposit method at popular online casinos. Many Canadians are wondering why some of the best Canadian online casinos such as Bodog, All Slots, Sports Interaction, and the All Jackpots casino do not accept Paypal as a deposit option. Allow us to take this opportunity to explain why you will not see PayPal as a deposit option at the best Canadian online casinos, just offered at rogue Internet casinos. After E-Bay purchased PayPal some years back, they ceased working with online casinos due to a change in their operational policy. E-Bay and PayPal made the decision to stay clear from Internet casinos. Now, flash forward to 2018, if an online casino approaches PayPal to use them as a deposit and payout method, PayPal will decline the application. The only applications to get approved by PayPal are those that say they are only selling books about casinos or physical casino chips, not providing online casinos to play at. For big online casinos such as the ones mentioned above; Bodog Canada, Sports Interaction, All Jackpots, All Slots, they are far too big and mainstream for them to come in below the PayPal approval radar and that is why they do not offer PayPal as an online casino deposit method at these 2018 Canadian online casinos. However, smaller rogue online casinos create a ruse whereby they submit their application to PayPal as just selling casino related products but not offering an online casino to get approved. With this comes the risk that if PayPal becomes aware of this fraud they will freeze these rogue casinos accounts which may jeopardize your deposits and payouts. We feel it is best to stay away from any online casinos that accept PayPal as a deposit method and to stick with Visa, MasterCard, or Moneybookers as a way to fund your Canadian online casino account in 2018.

In a Canadian online casino news update we are told because of a change to banking regulations in the country of Cyprus, many online casinos are having difficulty paying residents of Canada. Although this is a major inconvenience, there are alternative payout methods you can use instead of waiting an extra few days for check. The Cyprus regulations are not that different from Canada gambling regulation which makes it hard for Canadian players to cash payouts they receive from online casinos. These gambling regulations are not effecting payouts via Moneybookers, only payouts via check are taking longer than usual. Be sure to check back here for the latest online casino deposit methods and news for Canadian online casino players. With Canada Day having come and gone, we are reminded of just how lucky Canadians are in 2018. A great nation, civil citizens, and the best selection of online casinos and banking options in the world, why wouldn’t you want to live in Canada.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing at online casinos in Canada, the Bodog Canada Casino has the best online casino deposit methods available. If you are a fan of the site, then you are most likely a fan of the Bodog Canada Casino. Just recently the Bodog Casino for Canadian players made changes to an old online casino deposit method making it new. In the past if you wanted to deposit online at Bodog with your bank account only certain bank accounts were accepted, no credit unions, and the time it took to process deposits and payouts was absurd. Now, Bodog has made some changes to their Direct Bank Transfer online casino deposit method and you can use any Canadian bank account and the funds are instantly credited into your Bodog player account so you can begin playing right away! Talk about a major difference to an old online casino deposit method for Canadian players. Take a spin at the new Bodog Canada casino and try their bank account deposit method to make your next online casino purchase.

Another popular search term that many Canadians search for when looking for the best online casino deposit methods and/or payment options is online casino credit card since many players prefer to deposit at online casinos with VISA or MasterCard instead of these e-wallet methods that you hear so much about these days. We are not saying there is anything wrong with these e-wallet methods like PayPal and mypaylinq that we’ve also reviewed, but many players just prefer the ease of use that comes with using their credit card online like they do every other time when making a purchase over the Internet, not necessarily at an online casinos only. Basically what we preach here at is that you should deposit with the method that you are most comfortable with using. If you’ve never joined PayPal or MyPayLinq before, then if a casino like Bodog accepts VISA and MasterCard, then it might make the most sense for you to use your credit card instead. Bet smart, and bet comfortably is what we always say.

American Express (AMEX) Casino Review
American Express was founded in 1850, and in the 1950s, they started issuing credit cards. Since then, they’ve arguably become one of the best in the business. If you have an American Express card and you’re interested in using it in an online casino, there’s a few things you should know first.

American Express is not widely accepted in online casinos and unlike credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, American Express is not a card that’s widely accepted in online casinos. Before getting set on the idea that you’re going to use Amex, make sure to check under payment methods on the site to see if you can actually use it. The funds are available instantly once you transfer funds from your Amex to the online casino, the funds should be available within a few minutes. This will allow you to begin playing right away without having to wait. You can make larger deposits with an Amex, holders tend to be able to make high deposits, which is a great option for those who are looking to put more money on the line. You may be able to make withdrawals using the American Express card whether or not you’ll be able to withdraw your funds to your Amex card depends on the rules of the online casino. Some will let you and some won’t, so make sure to clarify before you make a plan of that happening.

You may have to pay your balance off in full each month there are two primary types of cards that you can get through American Express: charge cards and credit cards. Keep in mind that if you have a charge card (no interest), you’re going to have to pay the bill in full every month, but if you have a credit card, you’re going to be able to pay it off over time (with interest). Prepaid cards are also available. If you’re absolutely set on using your Amex and it’s going to play a major part in which online casino you play in, make sure to check if the site accepts that method of payment before you sign up for it.

You’ve come here looking for Canadian online casino news about the latest news in online casino payment options. Out of all of the casinos we have reviewed we are probably most in love with Bodog deposit methods however unfortunately there is no Bodog paypal option has PayPal does not process transactions for online gambling sites. If you’d like to review Bodog payment options please see above.