Last Updated: Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Canadian Online Casinos for Players from Canada

Well if you landed here looking for reviews of Canadian Online Casinos then you are in luck my friend! We here at Casino Guide Canada have looked upon every mountain top and under every rock to cultivate our list of these Canadian Online Casinos for your playing pleasure.

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Whether you are currently living in Canada or abroad looking for a Canadian Online Casino you have come to the right place. These days we Canadians are constantly hearing news about online casinos being shutdown to US players and it begs the question, how much longer until the Canadian government follows suit and starts restricting Canadian online casino players from playing at non-government regulated online casinos? I personally believe that the Canadian government is already too deep into public affairs that should be run by private entities that know what they are doing and do not fall under public pressure causing them to flip-flop like that government as been known to do.

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For example you can look to the insurance industry in the Canadian province of British Columbia where ICBC has a monopoly on auto insurance. Basically ICBC can do whatever they want and Canadian users cannot do anything about it because the Canadian government has given ICBC the authority to do whatever. Now the Canadian government is starting to move into the online casino industry under the fallacy of saying they can regulate it better than offshore online casinos. Well, after the first week of the Government run online casino for BC residents 80% of players’ accounts were compromised and people were playing on other peoples accounts. If all the money in your account was gone and you tried calling into this government run online casino asking for an explaination then you would have to wait on hold for nearly 2 hours just so a customer service representative could tell you that a fix is in place that will allow you access to your account after three weeks. Governement Canadian online casinos representatives were not even telling players what was happening they just froze accounts until a local news station broke the story of the lapse in security. This basically tells us that Canadian governments should focus on running the country and worrying about health care, not Canadian online casinos which should be left to companies that have been in the industry for more than 15 years, not 15 days!!

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Land based Canadian casinos are up ticking in popularity because the casinos give you a taste of Las Vegas without having to shell out your passport. In Ontario, Casinos like Casino Rama and Caesars Windsor can sometimes also cater to Americans because of their close proximity to the border. These casinos serve Ontario and other surrounding territories as well. Casino De Montreal is one of Quebec’s premier casinos as it is located near the heart of downtown Montreal. At all Canadian casinos, you can try your luck at a plethora of slot machines, table games or poker. No matter where you decide to play in Canada, you will have all of the games you love to play in Vegas within a few hours’ drive. One of the most remarkable things that are happening in Canada is the explosion of the poker scene. Canada is home to some of the world’s best poker players and one of the best brick and mortar casinos. Poker players love to play at the new River Rock casino in British Columbia. This venue hosts large tournaments and the highest limits of cash games that are spread in Canada. No matter where you choose to play, Canada has a casino that fits your needs. Instead of going to Las Vegas, why not just try out a Canadian casino?

Canadian Online Casinos That Accept PayPal

To put it bluntly, there are no good Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal and the casinos that do accept PayPal are usually fly by night casino operators that are only able to accept PayPal for gambling transactions because they are so small and sneaky that PayPal has no idea they are processing deposits for online casinos. Back in 2003 PayPal was purchased by Ebay and at that point Ebay forbid PayPal to any longer process deposits and payouts for online casinos in Canada. This is why we do not recommend any Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal. If you do not want to deposit with your Credit Card directly at these online casinos we suggest you use Moneybookers which works exactly like PayPal but has been around longer and accepts gambling transactions. Take a review of the above top Canadian Internet casinos for betting online over the Internet and find your new favorite casino to play at online today!

Canadian Online Casinos Free Play

Many casino players from Canada often look to play for free before making a deposit to see if they like the casino’s selection of games and the look and feel of a new Canadian online casino. Both the Bodog and All Slots Casinos have free play offers where you can play without having to deposit and still win real money. For more information on these Canadian online casinos free play we encourage you to visit either the Bodog Canada and All Slots Canadian online casinos today, or both, and take advantage of these Canadian online casinos free play bonuses and promotions.